What does Iberian Pride mean to you? A competition on the world of jamón, but not only..


Playing on the double meaning of the word Iberian, the Consortium of PDO Jamón de Huelva invites everybody who may be interested, with no limits of age or nationality, to participate defining the Iberian Pride.

The definitions are intended to help approaching every day of 2013, and need not be related to the world of the famous jamón.

Of all the definitions collected, 365 will be selected to be published, together with the names of the authors, on the Jamón de Huelva web page www.jamondehuelva.es, every day of 2013.

From the Consortium they say: “The definition of Iberian Pride is a very personal matter and we don’t want to put any limits to the participants’ imagination, especially because the ultimate goal it is to surprise and launch a positive message to the readers. The definitions may refer the world of jamón, but not necessarily”.

The award for the 365 winners consists of a pack of Jamón de Huelva summon quality, hand sliced ​​ by a maestro cortador, presented in a case of institutional red with gold printing of the Consortium logo. At the end of 2013, the definitions will be published, along with the names of the authors, in a book which will be given to the winners.

Joining is easy! Just send your definition through the form that you can find on the web site www.jamondehuelva.es, mail it at info@jamondehuelva.es or send it tho the POB Apartado de Correos n º 1, 21290 Jabugo (Huelva).

A competition on the world of jamón, but not only

A competition on the world of jamón, but not only

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