Jamón de Huelva or Jamón de Jabugo? The case remains unresolved

Jamon de Jabugo

Jamon de Jabugo

The sector claims that the current Spanish political situation is conflicting with the application made three years ago by the Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Jamón de Huelva to change the name of prized Jamón de Huelva to Jamón de Jabugo.

Following the recent change of government, the Minister of Agriculture, Rosa Aquilar, has resigned from her post and has left the long-standing application from the Consejo Regulador unresolved.

In fact, an application was made to change the name three years ago, due to the pressing demands of the sector and as requested by the producers themselves. In the words of the head of the Consejo Regulador, José Antonio Pavón, “the sector is already facing serious problems, together with the harsh financial climate, and changing the name to Jamón de Jabugo would mean something more than just hope for the Iberian ham from the Sierra”. The Consejo Regulador believes that this application is more than justified and not just a whim, because in fact this is the name by which the everyday consumer knows this ham and what it is called all over the world. 

The question is more topical than ever. The Instituto Internacional San Telmo (San Telmo International Institute) and the Consejo Regulador recently wrote a report that will be used by the most important training institutions as a case study: El jamón ibérico ¿una cuestión de marca?: DOP Jamón de Huelva o Jabugo. (Iberian ham. A question of branding?: Jamón de Huelva or Jabugo PDO.)